Friday, June 03, 2005

Car Parking

Lawrence Road is congusted any number of steps taken by district authorities,municipality and traffic police are in vain.The paking of a large number of vehicles is a reason for this congestion.The vacant space outside the Thirupathiripuliyur Raliway satation is an ideal site for parking vehicles especially for cars.

As a steps to ease the flow of traffic in Lawrence road the carks can in parked in this site rather than in Lawrence road itself atleast during the peak hours.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Window to Cuddalore.

I am frequent to Cuddalore for
the past three years.

The City has got its charm and I am very much fallen in love with it.

Keep posting.

Stalin said...

Hi Jean,

Commendable efforts from your side for making my home town a better place to live..Keep up the good work..