Saturday, December 30, 2006

Two years of resilience

Two years past since tsunami waves struck. International aid poured in to all the tsunami affected parts of the world. It is Cuddalore which leads in tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation. New houses, schools, Self Help Groups and community-disaster alert systems are put in place. National disaster relief fund from various states are used thoughtfully in several other projects like building bridges in affected areas.

Two weeks back former US President Bill Clinton, who visited Cuddalore as a UN special envoy for tsunami relief, greatly applauded the active steps taken by our district administrator Mr. Gagadeep Singh Bedi. India's over all response to the tsunami disaster work was good. But what has happened in Cuddalore in the past two years was excellent. It is because of our dynamic collector Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi, Cuddalore has seen such an immense reconstruction in the post disaster period. According to Clinton, providing housing was "the hardest thing to do". He added while in other places only 30% of the houses were built, "In Cuddalore, even those not affected by the tsunami but identified as "vulnerable" had been given houses." He went on to say "Florida can learn from Cuddalore" and that he want Cuddalore model of disaster management to be implemented throughout the world.

"Florida can learn from Cuddalore" simply means, administrators of Florida must learn from the administrator of Cuddalore. His work of coordinating and directing various governmental and non-grovernmental organisations in post tsunami period was phenomenal. If Cuddalore has got so much, it is because of this "good man here".

When rest of the tsunami affected world is still in their early stages of tsunami reconstruction, Cuddalore had almost come to the final stages of the work, Tsunami Retention Wall for the vulnerable communities along the coast line . Work for the construction of tsunami retention wall has begun in full swing. Fishing villages in Cuddalore district will soon get rid of the fear of tsunami.


SLN said...

Hi Jean-Claude

Like you said, Cuddalore has bounced back thanks to the collector (and the people too). Thanks to you too for providing a public voice for the Cuddalore people. Wishing you a very happy new year 2006


Dennis S.Jesudasan said...

Hi It is true,that we the people of Cuddalore have got baCk to our normal lives much sooner after the disaster,than expected!This attitude of ours will surely send positive signals to the rest of the world.The effective dist. administratoin under the guidance of the `good man` here,and the determined people made this disaster go feeble.Lets all be proud of this and continue fighting back...!!!