Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Golden era

The year started with a sad news for the people of Cuddalore. The news of District Collector Gagandeep Singh Bedi's transfer took all in grief. His transfer is an irrecoverable loss for Cuddalore.

He changed the outlook of Cuddalore as he promised while taking charge three years ago. He made a sudden visit to Government Hospital as soon as he took charge and took stern action on negligence and corruption, and improved the amenities there. Next it was the Anna Stadium. He took steps and completed the construction of swimming pool which was pending for several years and constructed a new sidewalk. He initiated the construction of squash courts and synthetic tennis courts. His encroachment eviction drive Lawrence Road is seen as a bold step. Then came broad and beautiful sidewalk along Lawrence Road. New medians, high mast lamps, cascades, island parks, fountains and street lights lifted the face of Cuddalore. The construction of pedestrian pathways and medians are on way in the Cuddalore OT. He took great effort to bring underground drainage system.

Two rivers running across the town and forming estuaries, Cuddalore was in desperate need of more number of bridges. Decades of struggle was in vain until this great man took charge. He constructed bridge connecting Kammianpet and Semmandalam which will be changing Cuddalore completely in the near future. He expedited the land acquisition and completed the railway overbridge in Tirupadhiripuliyur. A bridge connection Singarathope fishing village and Cuddalore mainland which later saved thousands of lives during the tsunami. The work on two more bridges connecting the Devanampattinam with Cuddalore is nearing completion.

Silver Beach got a new look during his period. Rows of chairs, play materials for children, baywatch stage and a jetty were built and all washed away by tsunami. Again there were new chairs, play materials and a new boat house, this time washed away by floods. But all these were brought again by collector. The new boat house that is being built is even more beautiful and the new police outpost unique of its sort.

New parks came up. The Subburayulu Reddiar park got a new look and the tower in the park was renovated- new landmark. Aquarium in the park is nearing completion. Similarly Gandhi Park in Cuddalore OT got a new look.

His work during tsunami and flood(2005) was phenomenal. It is his work that made Cuddalore is made as model for reconstruction and rehabilitation work for other tsunami affected regions. Countries which are consider as most developed has starting learning from his work.

His another remarkable achievement was making the people from rival fishing communities work together in Self-Help groups. There is lives are changed forever. No one else could have done this.

I have listed only some of the work he has done in Cuddalore town. In fact he has done a lot in other towns and villages in the district.

He changed our town and thus our life and won all our hearts. Until now District Collector's Camp Office is seen as a place where Robert Clive has spent his year. Future generations will see it as a place where Gagandeep Singh Bedi lived. His period is a golden era in the history of Cuddalore.

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