Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Southern Railway Once Again Proves that Cuddalore is not in its Agenda

This article has been contributed to Cuddalore Online by Ramkumar.

Southern Railways has opened the Virudhachalam - Salem section. But as expected, Southern Railway has not added new services to Cuddalore - Virudhalacham section.

Southern Railways never thinks about Cuddalore or the Cuddalore-Virudhachalam section. It is acting as if Cuddalore is never in its agenda.

The very gauge conversion project bears the title of Cuddalore - Virudhachalam - Salem gauge conversion.

But Southern Railways is not able to operate even one Cuddalore - Salem Passenger, post the completion of full Gauge conversion of this Cuddalore - Virudhachalam - Salem.

We do not know what the South Arcot Railway Passengers' association is doing and where it is ?

Highly unfortunate.

And there are no people to voice for Cuddalore. Cuddalore would remain under-developed even for years to come. The plight of Cuddalore will continue for years to come.

Even God cannot save Cuddalore.

This article as originally posted in CuddaloreOnline group.

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