Monday, December 17, 2007

Proactive District Administration

Many of the readers of this blog might be aware that a couple of weeks back we posted an article about the quality of drinking water supplied on municipal water taps . District Collector Mr. Rajendra Ratnoo responded to this post and invited us to participate in the Water Supply Board Meeting held on Monday (December 17) at Collector's Camp Office.

Water Supply Board Meeting at Collector's Camp Office.

I have attended the meeting . In the meeting, District Collector discussed about this issue with the officials from Water Supply Board and instructed them to take water samples and send him the results.

Details discussed/conveyed at the meeting:

A project at the cost of Rs. 4.63 crores to improve the quality of water is in progress. Once this is implemented the drinking water quality will improve to a greater extent.

In another initiative, district administration has distributed 360 water testing kits to village panchayats. Administration will train five people for every testing kit. 15 parameters are checked using these kits. This will enable the people themselves to check the quality of water.

These initiatives are taken to ensure the water quality in addition to the already existing procedure in which TWAD (Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage) Board submits a detailed report on water quality. This report which is submitted every 15 days to the District Collector contains details of the 19 parameters of the drinking water.

We have posted an article Is Silver Beach a Plastic Free Zone ?, in the month of July which pointed out the usage of plastic materials by shop keepers in Silver Beach, despite the beach had been declared a 'Plastic Free Zone'. In response to this article District Collector had assured of necessary action. Accordingly, on Sunday (December 16) plastic materials used there were removed and shop keepers at Silver Beach were instructed not to use any plastic material in their business.

We hereby take this opportunity to thank District Collector Mr. Rajendra Ratnoo, for showing great interest in serving public by taking immediate action on the issues reported in this blog.


K. Srinivasan said...

it is nice to see a proactive district collector. I would like to feature him in my podcast magazine at May i have his contact number and e mail id. this will motivate others too.

When we are blaming the Government machinery for not doing certain things, we should also appreciate them for good job.


Thiyag.. said...

Its really a gr8 surprise for all of us.. well, it shows how effective the administration of cuddalore... Lets things happen by this way everywhere..

Anonymous said...

Wow, very cool.

syed razik said...

Commendable work !

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