Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vehicle accident on Pennar Bridge

The mangled remains of the vehicle which was involved in a collision on the Pennar Bridge. This accident which occured today morning at about 6.15 a.m. had left two people dead.


Anonymous said...

the motive of the blog was thrown elsewhere... very bad from u... is this blog r thamizh murasu r dinathandhi

NinA said...

@ anonymous
Thank you very much for rubbing the right amount of salt at the right time,
your comment has reflected of the good standard felt by you readers out of this blog,
Indeed a feather on our cap.

But, its a truth that accidents are on the increase in the Cuddalore-Pondy road.

Today (7-August) just 4 hours ago at 7.30 pm I witnessed an accident involving a Pondy to Cuddalore private bus smashing an Indica Car and throwing out a two wheeler rider off the road near Reddichavady. The driver of the Indica car driver was very badly crying of pain with blood all over him, the occupants(women folk) got injured and the two wheeler rider was unconcious.

More vehicle is making congestion on this narrow road. Moreover its a common sight to see fully packed buses crossing their speed limits and competing with the bus travelling before it. Its sometimes hard to differentiate whether these buses are meant for public transport or some bus race is happening.
The number of bus travellers has increased manifold but there is no alternate transport system.

Vehicles boasting of being the fastest are making their bee line into this nation's road, but a proper plan to design the roads for matching the speeds and population is still a far cry.
Ofcourse precious lives are lost.

Being a daily traveller on this road, I am witnessing more number of dangers on this Cuddalore-Pondy road.

Anonymous said...

I would be very happy if these details mentioned in that main article written by u.Anyway i have to
appreciate ur patience regarding this.

NinA said...

@ anonymous

mentioning the details in this article itself will be a premature one.

i was on the plan to record the happenings of the public roads in our blog and then give out a detailed article with reference to published articles on different aspects which include accidents, passenger rush, encroachment, etc.,

for that, this article is the first one in the series.

by doing this way, the readers will get informed in a complete manner.

also most of the people will hardly read "thamizh murasu" or "dinathandhi" and in no way these dangers even if it is published there can't be referenced like the way we do in this blog.

BUT, now I am having a second thought since you readers are feeling that doing so downgrades the standard of our blog.

Phoenix Injury said...

That vehicle looks really twisted. I hope no one was seriously hurt from this accident.