Sunday, October 12, 2008

Development Commissioner studies post-tsunami housing model in Cuddalore

Bihar against ‘adoption’ of villages - IndianExpress

Santosh Singh Posted: Oct 06, 2008 at 0055 hrs IST
Patna, October 5 The Bihar Government is against the idea of corporate houses, film stars, trusts and voluntary groups “adopting” flood-ravaged villages. Instead, it wants them to raise village infrastructure like building schools, community halls, health centres and roads.

The Government has taken the “tough” call following its decision to build or reconstruct adequate homes — over 3.5 lakh of them — at the cost of Rs 1.5 lakh each. It has been waiting for the disbursement of Rs 9,000 crore additional flood package, which includes Rs 4,500 crore for homes, from the Centre.

Speaking to The Indian Express on Sunday, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said: “Allowing corporate houses to build homes would only create confusion. We are building adequate homes for the flood-hit and want others to add value to our efforts.”

Modi said the Tamil Nadu Government’s post-tsunami experience with corporate groups and individuals regarding rehabilitation had not been rewarding. “In some cases, some private groups left the scene without completely raising homes. On the other hand, quality homes for some caused heartburns among a big group of the displaced.”

The Deputy Chief Minister said state Development Commissioner S Vijayaraghvan would be nodal officer to coordinate with voluntary groups and corporate houses. The Development Commissioner recently visited Bhuj (Gujarat) and Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu) to study house models post-earthquake and tsunami. The Government will get Vijayaraghvan report after Dussehra full story>>

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