Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuddalore - Sirkazhi trial run

Gauge conversion between Cuddalore [kadaloor] and Sirkazhi [seerkaazhi] was taken as a part of broad gauge conversion between Villupuram [vizhuppuram] and Mayiladuturai [mayilaaduthu'rai]. Work on this 52KM stretch is complete and the trial run is scheduled for today (31-Jul-2009).

Details of the project as I know from various dailies:

Project cost: Rs. 400 crores
Total Length: 122 KM - between Villupuram and Mayiladuturai
Project start date: January-2007
Phase I: Sirkazhi - Mayiladuturai (22KM)
Phase I completion date: Jan 28, 2009
Phase II: Cuddalore Old Town - Villupuram (48KM)
Phase II completion date: Mar 28, 2009
Phase III: Cuddalore Old Town - Sirkazhi (52KM)
Phase III completion date: Jul 31, 2009
No. of bridges: 32
No. of culverts: 380
No. of gates: 100 (52 - manned, 48 – unmanned)

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