Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sorry state of Silver Beach.

The Silver Beach is one of the solace for the residents of Cuddalore to get a breathe of fresh air. It had a scenic beauty to enthral the visitors. Many people enjoy their morning walk on the sands of this beach.
But, those are going to be a history. Now, the reality is different.
The beach is full of rubbish. It is difficult to find an area of sand free from rubbish. Its highly nauseating. Though the beach is prohibited of plastic, one can see much of plastic generated out of the hawkers doing business here.
This beach is generating good income in terms of vehicle parking fees (Rs.5 per two wheeler). On a weekend, more than 400 two wheelers find their way to this parking area. Moreover, not less than 20 cars get to be parked here. A part of the income generated from this, if spent on cleaning this beach, will surely pave way to prevent rape of this sand duned beach.


Anonymous said...

Very true.

Wish the collector takes strong effort in keeping the beach clean.

ece projects said...

It's really serious matter, feel sorry for that...