Wednesday, May 31, 2006

IT park in Cuddalore - a retrospective

When Mr.Dayanidhi Maran arrived Cuddalore for inagurating a new post office, he announced that he will bring up an IT park in Cuddalore provided 25 acres of land was allocated for the purpose. He also set a short time frame within which he wanted the land to be allocated.

It was all on the pre-election scenario, when his opposition party was on the power in the state. His department might accuse incumbents (then) for preventing land procurement and thus preventing the park being established at Cuddalore.

After the assembly election, power shifted hands, Mr.Maran's party has come to power. Now, if he is really commited, nothing would stop him from bringing up the park.

Mr.Maran announced the same for Pondicherry and now the government in Union Territory is ready with 25 acres of land. When I wrote IT park in Cuddalore, there were comments that Cuddalore need not have a IT park, because it is near Chennai. Now if a IT park comes up in Pondicherry it will be reason for eliminating one such in Cuddalore forever.

Considering the present trend, one cannot argue that a new IT park in Cuddalore will not attract IT industries, provided proper infrastructure is established. IT park isnt just a symbol of pride, generating just a few jobs.It will make higher income group people to reside here, which mean an increase in the spending capacity of the people. People with higher spending capacity would lead to increased business activities, a rise in land value, thus paving a way for overall developement of economic condition of the region.So it is the work of the representatives from here to put a strong voice to bring up the park here.

Mr.Maran's office has provisions to get messages directly from general public. I have provided a link for the page below. Make use of it in a constructive and in a ethical way.

Contact The Office Of The Minister

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It is essential to set up an IT
PARK in Cuddalore because it is
a headquarer of a district. If
an IT PARK exists in Cuddalore
it will be useful for all walks of