Sunday, January 22, 2006

IT park in Cuddalore

Minister of Communications & IT, Mr.Dhayanithi Maran has announced his proposal of starting an IT park in Cuddalore. The announcement came as a pleasant surprise.Now its the work of the district administration to kick-start the land acquisition process.If we are slow in this we may loose it Pondicherry.Cuddalore will not get such yet another offer for developement anytime soon.

The acquisition has to be really fast for as the election date is much closer EC will order to freeze all the developement works.As there is no open land inside Cuddalore town itself there are four choices along four outskirts.

North end must be a bad choice because a developement there will greatly help Pondicherry rather than Cuddalore.

I dont see Thiruvanthipuram road as a bright choice because it may not lead to contiguous developement of the nearby areas(I mean developements will seize after a certain limit because of the geographical nature of the area).

Two other choices can be one near Sellankuppam that is to the south of Imperial Road and the other along Nellikuppam Highway.

This is a never again offer for Cuddalore.We must get it at any cost.


Anonymous said...

i think so the place behind stadium ie the old bus stand will be a good option too.

SLN said...


Comin here after some time.

I dont think this IT park will happen or even workout without some sort of tie-up with Pondy. Except for maybe a few ITes companies, there is no major incentive for the IT companies to come to Cuddalore in relation to other bigger towns in TN


UltraWeb said...

Its a great surprise to me that government annouces for IT Park in Cuddalore. Hope it will happen.


Please do not take 'Maran' statement seriously. It is just a politician words. I assure it never can happen in Cuddalore.

IT Park is not a hoisting Political party flags ( it used be more than Stone temple in India )


Aditya said...

As am from Cuddalore i want to develope my town. i think sellamkuppam is the best choice for IT park. offcourse this the politician word. but we have the good collector. so hopely we can look forward the IT park in cuddalore.


Padali said...

Ok... all relax pls.. the IT Park, may be a election vote bagging rumour, bla bla bla, lets think practically... IT Park in Chennai itself did not attract much MNC's, all the MNC's prefer their own buildings, etc. So, now come to the next step, the suggested place, I wont give my big stadium and the big Old bus stand, then??? where my old gemini Circus and Exhibitions will come?, so, we keep the IT Park in Collector's Bunglow? (LOL), ok then we need place for collectors bunglow, ok w emove the collectors bunglow to District treasury, then no place for treasury, move it to St. Joseph's Campus, move the st. josephs campus to Periya arts college?????... oops, its a long S Ve Sekar's joke journey,

Guys Listen, think practically, Do we really need a IT Park when we can reach Chennai in less than 4 hrs by Road?

Dont believe all the rumors, Having such a big establishment like Tidel park, u think companies will move to Cuddalore?, u know what? let the ministers tell they are going to bring a Container handling sections in Cuddalore harbour (Which they cant do...), then I will believe that will be..... summa nadakaratha vittutu parakararatha nenaka kodathu thabmigala...

Shanawaz Sheriff said...

I agree with what Padali says...May be if the minister had promised an IT park in pondicherry or if he had spoken of the development of the Industrial area in Cuddalore would have been apt as of now....

But why cant cuddalore have an IT park...I dont totally disagree with the option of having an IT park at Cuddalore. Its just 4 Hrs from chennai. Serene atmosphere. There are schools that yield intellectuals who are at the top of many IT companies today.With places like bangalore becoming disgusting due to too many reasons...there is every oppurtunity for the government to look into alternative options. All IT companies provide service.. that can be delivered from any part of the world to anywhere place is never a constraint for IT companies.There are many concerns that give away laptops and are encouraging ppl to work from home.When such is the case why cant cuddalore be an option.In cuddalore Check out with ur neighbours ask where their kids are...U will certainly atleast for 40% of time get a reply saying he works for a software firm.So may be a small initiative from the ministry and a Big step from the cuddalore collector can take us forward.........Dream Dream and dreams will come true.......May be this might take years......But will happen for sure when every kid who studies in St.Joseph's or St.Anne's will carry a laptop or an ipod kind of thing to school.