Sunday, January 15, 2006

You may remember me reporting the destruction caused while laying fibers for landline by a telecom gaint (AIRTEL destroys pedestrian foothpath).

Especially the concrete flooring between the road and padestrian footpath were competely destroyed in eitherside of the Lawrence Road.

There were some reconstruction of these cement flooring between the Durai Plaza and the old exit point of the Bus Stand.But the same did not happen starting from Hotel Vasantha Bhavan upto the railway level crossing or on the otherside of the Lawrence Road (i.e.) from Railway Autorickshaw stand to upto east end of Lawrence Road.

This strip is mud filled at some points.It is untidy and greatly resembles a drainage at certain other points.

Even at the places where reconstruction took place,no proper provision were made for rain water to reach the drainage system underneath the platform.The holes which are supposed to take raing water are either completely blocked by concrete or merely visible.

If proper corrective measures arent taken a great deal of money spent there will be in vain.

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