Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tsunami memorial in Cuddalore

While some of towns worst affected by tsunami had already constructed a tsunami memorial Cuddalore is yet to have one. On December 26th 2005 ground breaking ceremony for a tsunami memorial (mandapam) was held. Mandapams has closed ceiling. And the site selected was the place exactly where police outpost stood earlier. In my view it will be hiding the beautiful shore for visitor just arriving. It is from the place just below the present high mast lamp people can have a wider view of seashore with beautiful blue water lining.

Instead a Callanish type pillar will add to the beauty of the view. Recall tsunami occurred on a full moon day. The pillars to be built can be arranged in such a way so that the light enters the sanctum of the arrangement on every last full moon day of the year.

A random picture of Callanish I got on search.

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