Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Broken bridge floor-two wheelers are most affected

Edges of most of the concrete segments of Anna bridge over Gadilam are broken. It becomes annoying experience for all kind of automobile operators. Two wheelers are the most affected. Recently it led to an accident in which a motor bike toppled and the pillion rider sustained severe head injury.

This is a problem faced by the people for past several years. Highways department/Municipality often comes up with a temporary solution of filling the gap and yet to find with a long lasting solution.


Siva Nara said...

I pray for the well being of the person who was injured in the accident.

This is really sad. I wish your blogs and newspapers request municipality people to fill the gap permenantly.

BTW, doesn't even the government staff ride with their families over this bridge.

Jean-Claude said...

The bridge as a vital link between two parts of the town, like other people gov. staffs too ride through this. But link others they think its someone else's responsibility to repair or even complaint to approp. dept.