Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More IITs, one more in Tamil Nadu

Centre is planning to bring up more IITs. Though it is reasonable to fear more IITs will dilute the 'brand IIT', in a more wider sense it will provide greater oppurtunities for India's surplus talent pool. Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dayanidhi Maran has expressed hope that Tamil Nadu would get one more IIT. Though it is unclear whether an existing institute will be upgraded or a new institute will be built, the chances for the former are less likely.

There is already an IIT in Madras. So if a new institute is coming up it likely that it will located away from Madras. Bringing up such intitutes in deep interior Tamil Nadu must be a bad idea. Because, such institute of national importance will be populated by students from all across the length and the breath of the country. If the intitute is to come up in southern districts of Tamil Nadu, travelling from Chennai to the south will itself be an ordeal for the other state students. So it is again a great opportunity for Cuddalore which considerably away from Chennai but is easily accessible. Cuddalore must not fail to grab this oppurtunity and must especially be alert to see that (State) Higher Education Minister doesnt grab this to his constituency.


Siva Nara said...

Very good thought.

Yes, Cuddalore is not far away from Madras and has excellent facilities to build a good institute.

pegasus said...

these guys only plan... no execution

Jean-Claude said...

Yes Ankur. Thats the case quiet often. But we shall hope something happens.