Saturday, October 06, 2007

People against anymore polluting industries in Cuddalore

There is a strong opposition for setting up any new polluting industries in Cuddalore SIPCOT. The chemical industries there, had already made the ground water unusable and the soil unfit for agriculture. Now the government is planning to bring more industries, ignoring the impact on the environment and thus on the health and livelihood of people in the surrounding villages.

Cuddalore Power Company (CPC) is one such industry that is planned to be set up at SPICOT. But unlike for other projects, the power project faces an unprecedented opposition from the people of SIPCOT region. Government is attempting to forcibly acquire land from the villagers. If the power company is setup thousands of people will lose their land and their livelihood.

There are reasons for all the people in Cuddalore to worry about. The planned location of the company is not far from the Cuddalore town. Once the power company starts to operate in full swing, it will emit 2,500 tonnes of fly ash a day and a huge amount of hot water will discharged into sea. Means, fly ash will add to the already polluted air and hot water discharged will make the sea in the region unfit for marine life. This will have a severe impact on fishing industry in Cuddalore.

As mentioned, CPC is just one among the polluting industry that is to come up. Apart from this, an oil refinery, a PVC plant(work has already started) and a huge textile processing plant are to come up. Environment protection organisations are doing their best to stop industries from coming up. All their effort go in vain because of lack of support from people of Cuddalore.

At this point people of Cuddalore have two choices. One, support the NGOs to keep the polluting industries out. Two, move out of Cuddalore for a safer living.

Take action now !

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

While it is a good thing that more industries come up in/ around Cuddalore, it will be also be dangeroud if those industries decide to ignore pollution cotrol norms. In fact, companies should have self imposed pollution control procedures which should be better than the ones that are recommended by the government.

By the time the people of Cuddalore realise that enough damage has been done, it will be too late.

With bad politicians and industrialists without any concern for the environment, there won't be a big change in the years to come.

Is Cuddalore water safe to drink?