Sunday, October 14, 2007

Work on river bund road put on halt

Cuddalore underwent a massive phase of development under Gagandeepsingh Bedi's administration. River bund road linking Jawan's Bhavan and Kammianpet is one of the project initiated by him. The project is put on halt after he was transfered.

This dual purpose project will serve as an alternate route for the buses leaving Cuddalore towards Chennai and Pondicherry, apart from preventing flooding in Subrayalu Nagar and its surrounding areas.

Present Collector Rajendra Ratnoo inspected the work six months back and announced about the new proposal of building protective wall along Gedilam. There is no progress in work for almost a year now.

Though a proper road is yet to be laid, people started using the route.

Photos of the work taken last November


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