Sunday, January 09, 2005

Here is a collection of some of the news item I gathered on Saturday evening

Sri Lankan Radio reported that LTTE head Mr.Prabakaran was washed away by tsunami and some 5000 thousand trops are washed away.But LTTE denied this and added that only 5 of its army members were dead.A BBC correspondent reproted that Regiment 23 in Mattakallapu area was completely washed away and the arms thrown out along with debris of the destructed houses and so it seems LTTE has advised people to not to go to their villages until the scatered arms are compltely removed.To listen to the Tamil News from BBC follow the link:

Here are some of the notable pionts from a debate on NDTV:
Mr.Kapil Sipal
(Minister of Sci&Tech)He said (1)Decated frequency to serve people during natural disaster (2)civic society must not compromise their own saftey while building/buying houses.
Mihir Bhatt(Disaster Mitigation Institute) He said that in times of disaster among the different level of communications, the conveying of info. between the District Collector and the public takes more time because of the poor alarming system.
(TERI & Energy specialist) He begun to say something about the mangrove forests but this topic was completely lost on the debate.
Fr.Thomas Kocherry(World Forum of Fisheries People) He said that the disaster in such a massive scale could have been avoided if the Supreme court recommendations have been followed.

More importantly Kapil Sibal while answering a question by saying that the warning on Thursday following tsunami on Sunday was as a give on seeing a TV Flash

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