Friday, January 07, 2005

Mangrove forests

yeah...finally it seems TN gov. has allocated hundreds of crores for developing Mangrove forests along the coastlines.We have already started this process some seven years back.But only a small section of trees planted then grown up/survives now.This had captured the attention of the authorities at times in the past and efforts were made to replace the dried out and but the goal is not yet achieved.

But then too the focus was to develope the Mangrove forest over a relatively smaller area on the banks of Uppanar back water.It can be extended to both east and west banks of the Uppanar towards north from the bridge and also on the vast area on the west bank of the back water towards the south of the bridge.If firm steps are taken atleast from now I am sure that it will attract a variety of birds apart from being a natural barrier protecting us from calamities.

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