Sunday, January 09, 2005

Krakatoa tsunami:1883

Here are the words of Mikhail Rebrov from his book 'Save Our Earth': "....some volcanoes wake up all too abruptly, as did the now famous Krakatoa in the familiar and well-documented eruption late in past century. As with the saint Helens event in which magma poured out twenty times,this volcano at Krakatoa Island (Indonesia) continued to erupt through 26 and 27 August 1883. It set off a huge tsunami wave about 33 meters high. At the bullet-train speed of about 500 kilometers per hour it charged over the ocean to overwhelm the nearby islands, leaving almost 50 thousand dead.
...A small islet called Thera slightly northward of it is established beyond doubt to have suffered a major calamity roughly between 1700 and 1450 BC. It left in the sea a tiny crescent-shaped islet, formerly the eastern portion of the volcano which Thera properly had been. That period saw the beginning to of decay of the Minoan state. Ols sources relate that the chain of earthquakes in the aftermath of the eruption demolished all buildings in the interiors of the neighboring islands and tsunamis washed off the coastal towns.Enormous waves and floods hit away at spacious territories."

I read this book three 3 years ago. By then I could visualize things as easily as I do today. I first came to know about tsunami waves some 7 years back, but I never imagined that it would hit my home town.

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