Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cuddalore removed from Sahara Housing Project

I felt proud and happy when I saw Cuddalore listed among 217 other Indian towns for an housing project(biggest ever of its sort in India) proposed by Sahara Parivar named SaharaHousings.

But that was years back.Now Cuddalore is removed from the project.I guess two reasons behind the removal

1.Among many construction gaints Nagarjuna Constructions is also a constructing agent for this project.Cuddalore would have been added in the list because Nagarjuna Oil Corporation was proposed near Cuddalore.As the refinery prososal went down they must have given up the construction project also.

2.Pondicherry is also in their list.So because of the cheap land and other tax consessions in UT they must have decided to make constructions at midway between these two towns.(As the now proposed site for pondicherry is 10 km south of Pondicherry)

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