Friday, April 29, 2005

Zebras missing in Cuddalore

Well laid footpaths,road dividers,newly installed LED signals things seems just perfect on roads of Cuddalore excepting onething............ the missing zebra crossings.
Road users find it extremly difficult to cross the roads.New Zebra Crossings and enhancing the existing at the following places will ease the road users cross the roads

*at the junction of Imperial Road and Lawrence Road.
Two crossing points would be neccessary here
1.from bridge end to Krishnalaya complex end at the begining of the Imperial Road and
2.from Super Star silks end to Krishnalaya complex end at the starting point of Lawrence Road

*at the Lawrence road and Car street junction.

*in front of Government General Hospital(here there is one present already and so needs to be darkend)

*in front Manigundu near the Cuddalore OT bus stop

*in front of Collector's Camp Office

*from Collector Office road end to ALC complex end

*near Arcot Woodlands

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