Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sahara Housing:The New Hope

New hope 1 being NOC almost attaining financial closure the New hope 2 is that Cuddalore may again be enlisted in Sahara Housing Project.I have written earlier (Cuddalore removed from Sahara Housing Project) that "Among many construction gaints Nagarjuna Constructions is also a constructing agent for this project.Cuddalore would have been added in the list because Nagarjuna Oil Corporation was proposed near Cuddalore.As the refinery prososal went down they must have given up the construction project also".

As there is a new hope for NOC project there are bright chances for bringing up Sahara City Homes in Cuddalore.What I feel necessary is that the District Administration should consider projects like this as important project for Cuddalore's developement and screw up the land acquisation processes for the firm.

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