Monday, May 30, 2005

Lavish Pondichery

Pondichery as an Union Territory receives more than neccessary fund from the Central Government and use it unproductively.

The announcement of the government of the start of a new Government Medical College bears an example of it.Already there are soo many medical colleges in the UT.There are freakish adding one more to the list.

This case is just an example, laying roads over and over and over again on an road which is already in very good condition,liting highmast and street lamps even during the day time are some of the other examples.

Now there have proposed to build a new cricket stadium.Not because there isn't enough cricket stadium in the country, but to make a political gain and to loot away the remaining wealth from the nearby districts of Tamil Nadu by often bringing people of special occasions and making a large business out of it.

Ok what else?? they have a proposal to bring a free port(duty free port) in Indian Waters.They get so much from the Central Government so there is no need for them to generate revenue through taxation.The direct consequence of this act of bringing a duty free port will be,most ships will prefer this port and there will be large in flow of commodities,so cheaper price compared to the neighbouring state, consequently a large inflow of money from outside through the consumers from neighbouring districts and so an increased business activity and increased money flow in the their territory which only means a complete devastation of the economic activities of the neighbouring districts whose economic condition is already crippled due to the tax consession of the UT.

Its not all that the chief minister has announced that a subsidy of one crore will be given to entrepreneurs who are willing to start a new hotel in the UT.

ONE CRORE subsidy!!! is that paid out of the revenue generated by themselves??? une grande NON who is subsidising whos tax money?? In fact they pay very very less tax compared to people of others states, and get a lion share I am sorry a DINO SHARE.What a discrimination!! is this the equality the Independent India grantees for its citizens????

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