Friday, May 13, 2005

Silver Beach entry in Wikipedia

I have just now made a posting on Wikipedia about the Silver Beach.I have posted the same here.You can make any changes and edit the content added by me.To do that follow this link

Silver Beach
Long...exoctic...glittering mild in eyes...uusssss....romantic irresistible even tsunami made a visit to Silver Beach in the southeastindian coast. Silver Beach is located just 2 km from downtown Cuddalore however untouched by the busy life of Cuddalore.

Silver Beach is the second longest beach in the eastindian coast.Any one who makes a visit once to this beach will come here for the second time for sure (perhaps people there are expecting even tsunami to visit again).

To the south of the beach the South Cuddalore Bay Area looks as if it were a seperate island.

The back water that seperates the main beach from the island like structure is a safe place for water sports.There is Siver Beach Boat House rents boats for cheap costs(so you can spend long..looong... hours riding).Offcourse this is the best way to relish the beauty of the silvery sand of the beach on north,mint blue sea on the east,beautiful landscape on the south and thats not all,it's beautiful riverscape takes a bend and leads into the greeny dense birds crowded mangrove forest on the west.

I vividly recall the colourful birds fly singing in clear blue sky which may perplex one to the extend to rethink the meaning/purpose of life.I am sure these scenaries and sounds of birds here will keep resonating in the memory of one who comes here, for their rest of their lifetime.

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