Friday, September 23, 2005

Digital banner menace

As is obvious the popularity of digital banner is growing alarmingly.This is rather a troublsome trend not only because the material used is non-biodegradable but also because they placed where ever the feellike(You would seen them placing banners in front of Cuddalore Municipal Park and few in front of the fountain setup by TANFAC ).Apart form being hindrance to free flow of traffic it makes the town look untidy.

Our District Administrator rightly pointed out this problem and suggested a better solution.His idea of fixing some suitable sites for erecting such banners my muncipality itself and the idea of collection of rents for every banner placed is really great.

Apart for eliminating various problems,it would bring additional revenue for the mucipality which inturn can be used on developemental activities.

I think to follow all these regulatory procedures it would be necessary to bring up resolutions in the Municipal Council.How far the politicians will co-operate in this case is questionable because they would be biggest violators of such regulations.

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