Friday, September 23, 2005

Water tanks inside bustand

Waters tanks are placed in many places inside the busstand.There must have been some goodwill behind placing that.But is it always doing good??.No.They are actually placed for drinking purpose not many use it for the same.They use the water for washing their faces,hands and legs(I did not see in the morning belive some may even take bath :)) ).This makes the water stagnate near every tank and make place really nasty.Tanks mostly attracts beggers and nomads(who stay near Railway Station and behind the Muthiya Theatre) so ordinary citizens dont make use of it.

I dont agree that it is a good idea placing such tanks for drinking purpose.It needs to be cleaned regularly which in present situation is practically impossible.So there is an easy chance of contamination.I think anyone who travel by bus can well afford a rupee or two to get a water pocket.So its needless to place such water tanks there.

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