Monday, February 20, 2006

Clemenceau:another victory for Greenpeace

French ship Clemenceau carrying not less that 700Kg of asbestos,PCBs, lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals was turned back to France.The decomissioned ship was to be mismantled in a shipbreaking yard in Alang.French government sent it to India despite stiff resistance from Greenpeace and other anti-abestos groups in France.

Greenpeace with its maverick campigning strategy attracted public attention.Trade unions and other environmental action groups like Corporate Accountability Desk,The Other Media and Ban Asbestos India also joined hand.Later the scandal attained media hype and to a greate extend this was a reason behind fair overturn of events.This is just another victory for Greenpeace.With this victory Greenpeace has now started an amibitious campign for regulating the ship breaking industry.The following link takes you to the campign page,

Call upon the international community to accelerate the work of regulating the ship breaking industry

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