Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Need for a permanent helipad

When political leaders arrive here in helicopters a makeshift helipad is built inside the stadium.This greatly interrupts the routine of the practising players and others who take a talk.

Apart from this the helipad destroys the play field.This time when Ms.Jayalalitha planned to visit Cuddalore during the recent floods a helipad was prepared in footbal l ground,also a new road was laid overnight connecting the foot ball ground to Collector's Office Road thus damaging the joggers footpath.The circumference wall of the stadium near the HomeGuard Office was also broken in the process.None of them where set right till date.

It is necessary to find a solution to this problem by building a permanent helipad.Since Manjakuppam Maidan is an ideal site for public gatherings sure the helipad must be built somewhere near here.There are two potential sites.
  • One southwest corner of the maidan sharing border with the Cuddalore Municipal Park and an abandened open theatre.A problem with this site is that when a political arrives for addressing a large crowd he need to traverse the entire section of the crowd to reach the dias which is on the east end.This puts constraints on security.
  • Another ideal site which I believe is the southeast corner of the maidan.This section of the ground is not actively used for any reason.So it can be very well utilised.Another advantage of this site is that the leader can directly be moved to the dias for great ease and high security.(A road can be laid connecting the Collector's Office Road with South Esplanade Road(Beach Road) along the (west)circumference wall of the stadium as shown in the fig.This would ease the vehicle movement of political leaders who generally come from Chennai and move down southwards though Chidambaran.(i.e.,)they can first come along the Collectors Office Road,then they can reach the dias along the new road and after addressing they may reach Barathi Road through Beach Road.)If it becomes necessary large a few trees along the Beach Road and which are much closer to this site can be cut down.

If implemented it will be a great relief for the players and police personnel(since its makes the security arragments much easier) alike.

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