Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rain water stagnates in Nethaji Road

Few months back pedastrian footpath was laid in Nethaji Road.While laying no proper arrangement were made for the rain water to drain.As a result water stagnates after rain.Nethaji Road is one of the busiest road in Cuddalore.Stagnation water during rains heavily interrupt the traffic flow.Especially commuters and school going children are put in great trouble.Till date no steps have been take to set the things right.

In addition road extension process has been started in Nethaji Road and the work is nearing completion.During the process of extension,the edges of the footpath were broken and the tiles were disaplaced at several locations.If these weren't set right at the earliest,the entire footpath will disintegrate into rubbles in a very near future.

Since drilling a hole in platform for the rain water in the road to reach the drainage and the reintegration of tiles in the platform are related process,they must done in immediate sucession.

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