Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Roller skating

Roller skating is getting increasingly popular among kids in India both as a recreational sport and as a serious sport.Many from metros like Chennai participated in international competitions and have won prizes.

This sport is no more alien for the rural population.It is intresting to come to know that a division level roller skating competition was held in Kovilpatti (must be somewhere in interior TamilNadu).This shows a brighter future for the sport in this country.

Like most other sport skating needs years of dedicated practice.What really prevents from getting into this sport is the non-availability of smooth rolling floor.There are only handful of rinks in entire the state I suppose.Chennai Corporation has rink at several places like Marina Beach,Veshweshwaraya Park-Anna Nagar.But such facility is not available in others places.

To encourage the sport in Cuddalore region,a rink must be built in Anna Stadium and another in Silver Beach.Also coaches must be appointed to train the children.So that kids from Cuddalore region does not lag behind in this sport.

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