Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Re-laying precedes digging

The following article which appeared THE HINDU clearly picturizes the lack of co-ordination between various departments.This is not a problem confined to Coimbatore alone(as the article focuses on Coimbatore) entire country faces this very same problem.

Where re-laying precedes digging

Multiple agency control over services plays havoc on people

he Coimbatore Corporation or the Department of Highways re-lays a road. Soon, it is dug for laying a telephone cable or to erect electric poles and the stretch turns a mess. This is a very common sight across the city where agencies providing various amenities work without coordination and the public suffer.

Many main and sub-roads in the city have borne the brunt of such a lack of co-ordination among the agencies.

Pits of all sizes and shapes devour road users.

While this is treated as just another civic issue, it was pointed out as a major impediment to development full story>>

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