Saturday, April 01, 2006

CuddaloreOnline-The discussion group

Dear Viewers, I have started a Yahoo group by name CuddaloreOnline (

The paramount purpose of this group is to encourage open discussion on topics posted in CuddaloreOnline blog. Though blogspot itself has provision for viewer comments and there by providing chances for an open debate, the problem of tracking back is acute. This group is a supplement but not substitute for blogspot's commenting system.

The activities of the group include / intended for,

*commenting about the articles posted in the CuddaloreOnline blog and expressing alternate views and ideas in the context of the article,

*pointing out misinformation (if any) in the article posted (though utmost care is taken to avoid mistakes, there are huge chances of mistakes in 'Citizen Journalism'. So pointing out mistakes out will greatly help to provide more accurate information),

*suggesting to post article on some specific topic,

*suggesting new weblinks to the blog,

*reporting the negligence of civic authorities (especially municipal authorities), negligence of various departments(especially Revenue Dept. and PWD),PCB and that of policy makers,

*bringing into light of problems faced by people in your immediate surrounding (as you have seen articles posted earlier were repeatedly focused on few important areas in Cuddalore, altogether neglecting the interior parts of Cuddalore. Your effort to report the problem faced by people of your immediate surrounding will help me to bring up articles on a variety of issues covering different parts of Cuddalore),

*contributing your idea to bring up a project that would lead to development and continuous betterment of Cuddalore region,

*sharing the news items you have read about Cuddalore,

*sharing information about important public events/engagement in Cuddalore (you can also share some important events like exhibitions, book fairs,seminars,workshops in Pondicherry region too), and

*sharing photographs (of Cuddalore) with other members of the group.

Group members can also make their contributions to the blog (contribution can be anything like article, photographs, etc., )

This group will also serve as a good source of information for the journalists.

Jean Claude Brisseau.


Velu Chidambaram said...

Hi Jean
It is nice to see some one writng about cuddalore.I grew up in cuddalore(1971-1989)near the beach.I appreciate you for taking so much interest in writing about the infrastructure.
Good Luck
with best

SLN said...

Hi Jean,

Great going. I am happy to see lot of photos in your blog. Good luck with your group.