Friday, April 07, 2006


Here is an excerpt from NEWS TODAY'S news item 'Report paints a a gloomy picture'.

A report titled 'Is SIPCOT Safe?', a scorecard on the environment that documents at least 45 incidents of environmental pollution and/or workplace incidents involving environmental damage, and/or injury or death of workers and residents in the last 17 months, from October 2004 to February 2006 was released in Cuddalore yesterday.

And the report debunks the government's claim that conditions in SIPCOT Cuddalore have improved. The report has been compiled by SIPCOT Area Community Environmental Monitors (SACEM).

Shweta Narayan of SACEM said there were at least 17 incidents of illegal effluent discharge, eight instances of gas leaks, 10 instances of industrial accidents that killed two and injured nine, and seven instances of illegal dumping of hazardous waste in the area full story>>

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Padali said...

Hi Jean,

Understand ur concers about the SIPCOT, but who wants to hear these comments, if blown a whistle to government, the govt. will surely, 100%, perfectly, correctly, accuratly k e e p q u i e t.... and will wait for the problem to get solved OR for the whistlers to keep quiet.. thsi is what happening there, these things are to be video tapes and send to Medha Patkar, another Jaspal Bhatti type criticism, the joker no no... I am fed up of those things, still Thina Thandhi wants to makes money out of Murder, rape and politics headlines in their papers.... Did they thought of making a Mass Media broadcast of this issue?.

I hope this post may be seen by Thina Thandhi, Dear Thina (or Dhina) Thandhi, pls. attract all the media all over India to zoom this SIPCOT Issue if you are really a REAL PRESS working for the interest of people. DONT GET SCARED BY POLICE RAIDS, be like the N Ram, learn from him.

Further after Thina Thandhi's action....