Saturday, April 15, 2006

A large number of people from all around the district come to General Hospital, Cuddalore for treatment. Many of these people rely on public transport system to reach and leave from here. But the bus stop near the hospital is too small to accommodate the number of people the hospital handles.Many of those waiting for a bus have stand in hot sun.This makes the people to find an alternate location by themself.

Many have choosen to wait in front of the Gate 2 of the hospital instead of making their way to the bus stop.They use parapet of the nearby roadside park to seat themselves.Result, they break the parapet so often.I have written Park outside Cuddalore General Hospital earlier.After a few days the parapet was repaired and reconstructed (probably by municipality),but now again the wall is broken.

Recently when CM arrived Cuddalore as a part of election campaign municipality was proud to display boards written 'Cuddalore Municipality' on the road side parks.Even the parapet of this park was repainted without rebuilding the broken parts of the wall.The municipality wanted to send a signal to the visitor as if they are being maintained properly.But the truth is that the plants here were not watered for atleast past one year.

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