Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting ready for the festival

Summer Festival is to start in a few hours from now. Elaborate arrangements are done by the district administration. South Esplanade Road (Beach Road) is broadened and a new black topped road is laid. An arch is put up near Hotel Arcot Woodlands. The makeshift bridge over Uppanar backwater is guarded on its both the sides with parapet made of ca stem. To my surprise the old bridge (over Uppanar) which is of great historical importance is put into use for pedestrians. A part of the bridge was broken when a huge pit was dug for the construction of the new bridge. But now the broken parts are reconstructed. A huge parking lot is setup in front of Marine House. Stalls are put up in the green spread to the east of White House (SP Bungalow) and the finishing works are underway. People from the agricultural department is sowing a patch of land.

A ten member team of municipal workers are cleaning up the thrown outs, especially plastic wastes. (It would not be appropriate to say 'Cleaning up', since they are not actually cleaning, but collecting the plastic wastes and dumping it in 10's of approximately 3x3 foot pits, right in sandscape- a myopic and dangerous practice.)

This time roofing for the stalls are made with tin sheets. Also this time there are no 'gigantic' tora tora and Columbus, they are replaced with a smaller version of them. Wiring works are going on in the auditorium to east of Periyar College of Arts & Science. Being here one could get the real sense of the festival.

(as of 9am)

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pugazh said...

we could see that cuddalore is taken to the upgradation in all aspects like infra structure development and conceptual development and beautification.the tremdous effort of the Local Admin headed by the dist collector Gagandeep Sing is appreciatble from the deep heart.for the development of past 2 decades and that of past 3 years shows the difference