Saturday, June 24, 2006

SIMA Textile Processing Park in Cuddalore

It is almost certain that an Integrated Textile Processing Park is coming up at Cuddalore with world-class infrastructure facilities for setting up textile units. The South Indian Mills Association proposed a common infrastructure project for textile wet processing at Cuddalore on September 2004. Since then a tremendous progress has been made. Nine leadings textile firms ( Super Spinning Mills Limited, Premier Mills Private Limited, Premier Fine Yarns Pvt Ltd, Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Limited from Coimbatore, Thiagarajar Mills Limited, Madurai, Loyal Textile Mills Limited, Chennai, BKS Textiles Private Limited, Palladam, Rajapalayam Mills Limited, Rajapalayam and Bangalore-based Subadra Textile Private Limited. Source:SIMA proposes Greenfield projects at the Textile Processing Park -Fibre 2 Fashion) will investment a sum of Rs 475 crore to generate annual production worth Rs 500 crore initialy. SIMA expects conformation of six others.

The initiative comes in the wake of the Sathyam Committee set up by the Textiles Ministry to look into the textile chain. Apart from one at Cuddalore permission had been grated to Gujarat Eco Textiles Park, Surat, Metro Hi-Tech Cooperative Park, Kohlapur and Jaipur Texweaving Park,Silora.(Source:Panel clears 4 projects under textile parks scheme — To bring investments worth Rs 1,756 cr -Business Line). Apart from these Central Government is planning to setup 25 such parks throughtout India before 2007.

SIMA, had sought land from the State Government, and the government has offered 300 acres at the SIPCOT industrial estate Phase III with a provision to take up another 800 acres. It is said that the project will provide direct employment to 5000 and indirect employment to 50,000 persons.

This project may lead to the developement of the region. But will it lead to a 'sustainable' developement. Why all in a suddenly Cuddalore became an attractive destination for these leading mills in the industry will be the question in every mind. The answer could be easily infered from the statement issued by the Chairman of SIMA .In a SIMA meeting he said "Cuddalore has plentiful ground water and also the facility for marine disposal of wastes."

Though it promises to employe water frugal technology and biological treatment for disposal of the solid effluents, from the past experiences one can be sure that there will be open violation of all norms and standards .

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