Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Manjakuppam mani koondu

“Manjakuppam mani koondu ! ”
This is the welcome call we hear from the bus conductors once we touch the boundary of Cuddalore from Pondy.

But the clock tower itself is not working for the past two months and one of the clocks is removed a month back.

Lets wait and see when the clock tower will comeback alive.


Anonymous said...

It has been 12 years since I left cuddalore. 'manjakuppam mani koondu' like u have written has always been the first stop while returning from pondy on weekend trips. It is sad to know that the clock tower is dead now!! Do keep blogs abt cuddalore posted. I would surely love to read them.

Anonymous said...

exactly. so am i. would luv to track blogs of my hometown cuddalore.

Siva Nara said...

I visited Cuddalore after five long years.

Even though there are some visible changes, but Cuddalore is one place that hasn't changed a bit.

Places like Pondy,Madras has changed a lot in the last five years and I wish Cuddalore makes a leap in the coming decade.

Anonymous said...

On, seeing manjakuppam manikoondu.
>i ask my heart, that why our collector missed it when he trying to make cuddalore a beautiful town.

Sudharsan Rajagopalan said...


I have lived in Cuddalore for over 8 years to appreciate that place. I spent my best childhood days there. Even today my fond rememberance for the place continues.

Todate I remember the SVMS Bus from Manjakuppam to Thiruvehendipuram Temple. I stayed at Manjakuppam (Thukkaram Street) and then moved to Bashyam Reddy Street before we moved out.

My schooling at St Mary's (It was Co-ed uptil 5th Std at that time) was one of the best schooling times that I have had.

I would love to get in touch with my old friends who live in Cuddalore (Arun Devaprasath, Murli, Ashok, Vidyadharan, Balachander, Vinod et all).

Anyone from St Marys and passed out in 1987 (5th Std) would know me

Sudharsan Rajagopalan said...

In case one of you who remembered me wanted to get in touch, Mail me at

Bharan said...

This is Bharani.G. I have completed my schooling upto the collge in St.Joseph's (Main). I like cuddalore very much due to tranquility. I ne'er forget Manjakuppam Pillaiyar Koil, Penniayar Bridge airy atmosphere, ISS Channel. There I worked as a News Reader. My Residence is at Alpet, Rathina Nagar. Cuddalore!!!Always merge with me throughout my Life

Murugan said...

Hi All,

Cuddalore is my gradfathers place. I am from bangalore. i used to spend most of my school holidays there. i liked the beach, the main play groud, the movie houses and my gradfathers lands in the outskirts of OT.
My gradfathers house is on Vigil Meyer street in sorcalpet. It is the same street on which St.Anthonys church is on. It is quite close to St.Marys school. My cousins studied there, so I know about it.

It is quite and very nice town. The place is so relaxing..
the people are so nice and friendly.

I am settled in the US now.
Last year I was there for 2 days...

Man the place has not changed...
those 2 days was so relaxing..


Bharan said...

Hai Again this Bharani,
I thought i use to merge with cuddalore, but its not so!!!! God has done like that because my father Gurumurthy.V (PA to Supdt of Police) expired suddenly!!! on June 24th. So with great regret we are leaving from Cuddalore. Anyway I will have the plan to visit cuddalore atleast once in a month.

Cuddalore "is the place where the tranquility lives"!!!!

Bye to Cuddalorites!!!!!

NinA said...

Hi Bharan

I was deeply saddened to know about the sudden death of your father.
My deepest condolence.

Its a great service on your part as a news reader in ISS, which a very few people will be gifted with.
Wish that you not leave this great place, Cuddalore.
Anyway please let the readers of cuddaloreonline.blogspot know about yourself once you visit Cuddalore.

Bharan said...

Again This is bharan!!! Now Iam In Chennai (Machine Life)>> Last Month I came to Cuddalore i.e before New Year once I reached Cuddalore i got mere happiness.. There I have visited my friends and some peoples of cuddalore!!! I have celebrated the NEW TOO in Cuddalore!!! I use to read everyday of Cuddalore News through blogs and e-paper!!! Here my family is also fine now!!! Bye Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hi friends, I studied in St.Mary's convent cuddalore uptil 3rd std. it must be around 1969-1973 my heart aches for my friends who studied during that period those were my golden days. if my friends by names joyce of pondicherry, judy's mother was a class teacher of st. mary's, r.shanthi and kumar my classmate. hi, if any of you sees this msg pl contact me

Anonymous said...

Hai all,

I am karthick, i am native of cuddalore I studied in cuddalore. I love Cuddalore to see all the ancient buildings and nature. I had a girl friend called ruckmani in Thukkaram Street, Near Pillayar Kovil, I loved the time of schooling and college days at Cuddalore. I would like to meet all my friends through this blog if any one finds out me.

My solute of Cuddlaore Town

Anonymous said...

i am guru, i had a very great days when i am in cuddalore and i studied in a.r.l.m which is the worst school ever in the history of tamil nadu. but beach,good colectors are the highlight of the is my very great maths teacher.

Anonymous said...

i have learned a lot frommy city. some good things and many bad things.but when i came again to cuddalore all my bad habits left away.

mr.x said...


i feel that many changes should be made in the EDUCATIONAL facility provided by the institutions,,,,

i think the school level education should focus on practicals rather than theory...

venkadesan said...

hai cuddalore guys h r u i am cuddalore now kuwait working for koc any guys talk for my id join for u ok

venkadesan said...

h r u all guys

Anonymous said...

hi all
my name is rajesh, i am working as a
Sr.Graphics designer in chennai.
my wife got a govt. job in cuddlore.
i want to shit from chennai to cuddlore.
i have one daughter studied in lkg.
so, i am looking for good school
for my daughter and also looking
for rent house. and also job for me.
any one please guide me.


thara said...

ha its nice to come back to old thoughts,not to forget the golden days at school.iam thara,taken care from my4yrs in the hands of second mothers at the hostel.Imeet them in pondy,i love to see my classmates 1977 batch.pls anyone see this do reply at thara.velmurugan @gmail .com.thank u .

Anonymous said...

hi sivakumar from manjakuppam

Am from Pondicherry, who studied in govt school in indira nagar in pondicherry,

R u still in cuddalore and do u remember me, where we met in JIPMER campus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cuddalore, was thrilled to see a lot people posting their comments. I was born in Cuddalore - 1967 at Janaki Nursing Home, did my schooling till the 5th at St.Mary's and 6th - 12th at Joseph's main - C section - so called English Medium. Must have been at St.Marys from 74 - 79.or 73 - 78. My name is Jai. Do i find anybody in that batch ? Krishnaraj, Ramkumar, Saleem,Venkatakrishnan or somebody - Dorothy, Manjula, Sivagamasundari - a few names to recollect...