Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Substandard roads

Over the past two years tens of crores was allocated and spent for laying roads in Cuddalore. Execellent quality roads were laid in some parts of the town while others are of poor quality. Especially in broad roads like Barathi Road the quailty of road decreases as a gradient outwards.

Also the roads laid in patches are given an poor finishing. For example if a road is 30 feet wide, it is laid in two stages, 15 feet in each. The level of road laid in each stage are different, so is the quality(See Pic. 1 - around middle of the road). As a result roads are worn away easily by fast moving vehicles.

A good quailty road was laid along Beach Road by the end of June. But its quality is poor towards the beach end. Both picture 1 and 2 shows this.

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