Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bus stops without shelter

Post Office bus stop on the south side Barathi Road is without shelter for almost two years. The old bus stop shelter was demolished when sidewalk was laid here. But a shelter not constructed even two years after the completion of the sidewalk work. People wait for buses in hot sun and rain.

Similarly GH bus stop on the north side of Hospital Road is also without a shelter. Though the actual stopping is some 50 meters towards west, people wait for buses straight opposite to west gate of the hospital. So buses stop here. Unlike the Post Office stopping cases, I never seen a shelter in this bus stop.


Anonymous said...

what a shame to our beach town that we r fighting even for the bus stop which is near to our collector bungalow..... the district admin s expecting the self help and other groups to construct these things(as near ALC CHURCH,PATHIRIKUPPAM,KNC,etc) as if they dont have any fund to spend... Tsunami funds r ther to spare but they r not ready to do so as if its their own money...

Anonymous said...

only the poor ill peoples from nearby villages will comes to GH regularly,proper treatment is a dream
inside the hospital,after that they have to wait in the roads in the hot sun for the buses.when i saw these peoples there, really it hurts.please help the poor patients.The power given by the govt to serve the peoples,not to hurt the peoples.