Friday, May 09, 2008

Sea water surges in

Sea water surges in many of the coastal villages in Cuddalore. This has been happening for over a month. As a result, many of the palm and coconut trees in coastal hamlets like Devanampattinam are uprooted and washed away by waves.

Uprooted coconut trees

During the recent new moon day, waves were strong enough to cover half of the sand scape in beach.

As sand in Silver Beach is being eroded away, the cement floor which was laid before tsunami is now visible. Huge crowd gather in beach to see this concrete floor appearing again.

The erosion is more pronounced at the north end of the beach than at the south end. Water has reached till the rows of lamp posts. In a few days time these lamp posts will be washed away by waves. However, local fishermen say this is usual during this time of the year and express hope that the water will recede in a couple of weeks.


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