Sunday, May 18, 2008

Encroachments reappear

Encroachments reappear in all parts of the town after they were removed few weeks back. Encroachment eviction is greatly influenced by political powers. They is no surprise that encroachments by ruling party members are never cleared.

The photo above was taken in Padali theater road, a couple of days after the eviction drive. The first thatch roof is put on after the eviction, while the second in the picture was not even cleared. As I have written an year back trucks find it difficult to enter Padali theater road to unload goods at Panpari market because of these encroachments. This quiet often leads to traffic congestion in Lawrence Road.

It is said that the eviction drive is generally conducted once in a year. But this time it is said to have been conducted after a two years gap. Why should not we appoint an authority to keep a continuous check on the encroachments (in roads and in other public places - esp. lakes and river beds) and clear it immediately. Understanding the amount of trouble it creates in towns and cities, complaints relating to encroachment should be processed and proceeded on by this authority. The authority should be made liable if the complaints are not verified and if eviction is not carried out within a given time frame.

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Anonymous said...

it has to be monitored regularly and this encroachments seems to be namesake,it does not applicable to politicians because they have the power to trouble the officials involving in it,