Sunday, May 13, 2007

Festival at Padaleeswarar Temple

The annual festival in the tamil month of Vaikasi is starting in our Padaleeswarar temple on 22 May 2007.
The important dates are
Flag hoist (The start of the festival event) is on 22/05 at 8.00a.m.
Theruvadaichan on 26/05 at 10.00p.m.
Velli Ratham on 27/5
Thear (Car) on 30/5 between 9.15a.m. & 9.45a.m.


Karthi said...

Wish I could make for the festival.

I and my family have very sentimental to this temple.

Can some one post photos from the festival.

NinA said...

yes karthi
photos will b posted