Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Photos of Summer festival at Silver Beach

The opening ceremony of the summer festival by the dignitaries.

The folk dance which created much enthu to the audience. The female dancer just opened the cork of the pepsi bottle with her mouth only, i.e without touching the bottle with her hand. A splendid performance.
An elderly male folk dancer is much young in performing the kavadi dance which made me spell bound and I forgot to catch his performance in my camera for some moments.

The entrance to the exhibits.

A wonderful architecture made using vegetables. Many of the onlookers may at the first sight take it for a artificial show piece. A closer look will tell the tale that the architect has made wonders with natural vegetables. Yes what you see is a carrot, beetroot, veggies, etc., Many of us might have got similar pics on our inbox. But seeing is believing. That too its happening in our city Cuddalore.

A photo of a gold fish exhibited in the next stall. A good wall paper for your pc..
Yes these are the cage birds enthralling the visitors with their sweet music.

For the first time many of the visitors might have seen an Emu. A fact illustrated in the exhibit is that its egg fetches a price of One thousand rupees. The height of the bird is nearly 5 feet.
A stall put up by the State Bank of India
A rare exhibit of the guns by the Police Dept. in which AK47 added feather to the Cap.
The large rifle placed second from left, is the AK47 which made its inventor proud and the people sleepless since it is mostly used by the terrorists.

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