Friday, May 25, 2007

Photos of Summer festival at Silver Beach DAY TWO

The day two of the Summer Festival "Neiythal" is an awful experience.
I was bit late to the show. Some of the programmes like Healthy Baby contest were over by the time. The first programme I chanced was a dance show. It is a perfect show and the music is played by members of the group which was very much exhilarating

The dance with the drums by the girls. This dance is usually performed by males but it now seems to be taken on by the girls who performed this show nicely.

The karakattam...

Another show..
Now the time was about 9.30 p.m. the comedy show by Saravanan of "Vijay TV kalaka povathu yaru" fame stepped into the stage. I came to know that he is a native of our city Cuddalore.
The performance by this group made the audience burst into laughter.

A mimic of the cricket show...

A mimic of the famous actors..
The show of Robot stole the day's shows. The man who performed as a robot made his muscles dance one by one. The applause from the audience was so high... !!
Ohh! now it was ticking 10.40 p.m. I will be too late to home in the middle, I need to snap our temple festival.
And a snap of the last show.

The compère speech by the PR officials in the show was very nice. A wow to them.
A number of unwanted plastic chairs and soft drink crates (avoided in these photos) were found stacked on the sides of the stage which is an eye sore. If these are kept away, the stage will definitely look more attractive.

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