Saturday, May 26, 2007

THIRD DAY of Silver Beach Summer festival

Here is the glimpse of the cultural treat happening in our city.

The Therukoothu show was going on..

The performer who were fast making their steps. Somewhat there was a lack in coordination of their steps;; seems they got little time to practice.

This man lifting three containers filled with water to the brim. The great feat here is that he was lifting one of the containers with this teeth. A great performance.

The little boy thrilled the audience with his balancing trick that too upside down at great heights.

Another feat by the youth. They are totally fearless.

What you see here is a man stampeding the performer. The performer is lying on to thorny cactus branches.

The balancing trick on the nearly 20 feet high ladder..

Then came another troupe with their part for the folk art.

The wonderful show by the drum beaters...

A colourful show..

The people from the different groups joined together to make up a good dance...

A part of the crowd I snapped while leaving from the beach at 10.00 p.m.

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