Sunday, January 04, 2009

Elephant scared seeing camel !

Elephant runs amok, causes panic - The Hindu

Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE: An elephant ran amok on the main streets of Cuddalore town on Monday, creating panic among the people.

It was found running from the Silver Beach, through the Beach Road and Pudupalayam Main Road, a distance of four km, with two mahouts on the trail. The road-users ran for cover.

The lorry driver, who was transporting the elephant from Puducherry where it was taken for a function, chased the animal in the vehicle. It finally entered a compound near the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board office. On information, the police and Fire and Rescue Service personnel gathered there in strength and helped the mahouts tame the elephant. With a great deal of difficulty, they forced the elephant to get onto the lorry.

Rajkumar of Swamimalai had sent the elephant, Shyamala (18), to Puducherry. On the way back, the mahouts took it to the Silver Beach.

Seeing a pair of camels on the seashore, the elephant got scared and started running, a mahout said. Later, the animal resumed its journey to its owner’s place.

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