Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vilvanagar roads in bad shape

Despite being one the most infuential locality politically, roads in Vilva:nagar are in a very bad shape. Off course, at this point almost every single street in Cuddalore is unfit to use because of the underground drainage construction. But the roads in Vilva:nagar has always been worser than in other parts of the town.

Streets connecting Vilva:nagar with Iraajaambaal :nagar

Residents of the place use the road connecting Vilva:nagar Housing Broad apartments and Hospital Road as this road is unfit for vehicles. As is the case on any normal day, one can imagine the plight of these people on rainy days. I lost my hope and returned back home when I tried to go to interior of Vilva:nagar two months back when monsoon was at its peak. One could barely see anything in road during night (I am not sure if there are street lights, but definitely not enough in number).

Road connecting Vilva:nagar with Hospital Road

Garbage clearance is another thing to worry about. I wonder if municipal workers collect garbage from this place. Streets of Vilva:nagar are mini dump yards.

Garbage heap in Goavindhasaami :Nagar

Garbage heap and clogged drain water in Goavindhasaami :Nagar

No matter of how politically influential people are, and how important a locality is in deciding the electoral outcomes. If there are not going to fight for their needs nothing is going to change.

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Anonymous said...

Hello fellow folks:
b4 forty years the road connecting Vilva Nagar with Rajambal Nagar was an Agrigulture field with lot of snakes and if I am not wrong belonged to a person called Arumugam. On Sundays we used to go-fishing in his well, when he was not around in the afternoons.
Those lovely days!