Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uppanar river bed badly polluted

Uppanar Pollution: Fishermen report fish with diseases, suspect illegal discharges into the river - SACEM

Cuddalore, 22 January 2009: Fishermen in Uppanar have reported increased incidents of catching fishes with diseases. According to SACEM monitor and fisherman from Sangolikuppam S. Pugazendhi many fishes of a local variety 'Madava' are being noticed with burnt skin and blisters. This damage in the fish is being noticed for about a month in the entire stretch of the Uppanar. The fishermen suspect increase in the illegal effluent discharge by the industries into the river as the main reason for such occurrence.

According to the fishermen 'Madava' is a bottom dwelling fish and it lives very close to the river bed. The sediments in Uppanar are visibly polluted and that is the main reason for the diseases in the fish.

This is not the first time fishermen are reporting such incidents. Fishermen have brought the issue of diseases in the fish and declining catch due to pollution to the notice of the authorities and general public several years ago. They are still waiting for concrete actions by the authorities that would change their situation for better.

The fishermen and SACEM monitors have filed a formal complaint with the District Collector, Fisheries Department and the Pollution Control Board on this latest incident.

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