Thursday, January 15, 2009

Government Museum, Cuddalore

Here is a blog post I came across recently



Government Museum,
19, Hospital Road,
Cuddalore – 607 001.

The Government Museum, Cuddalore was established in the year 1989. A Sculpture Garden in the Museum welcomes the visitors. In this sculputure garden Sivalinga, Nandhi, Vishnu, monkey scuptures, Narashima, Surya and Chandikeswara are displayed. The development of Tamil script, dinosaur model and a model of Kali sculpture made of Fibre glass are kept in the entrance of the building.

The stone sculptures like Subramanya, Surya, Navanitha
Krishna, Dakshinamurthi, Bhairava, Virabhadra, and
Saptamatrika sculptures are best examples to the sculptural wealth of our ancestors. Bronze images of Ganesa, Vishnu, Nataraja, Somaskanda, Krishna are displayed in the Bronze Gallery.

In the first floor Kattunaickkan Tribal materials, Stone
Age tools, Musical Instruments, Agricultural implements of Kalvarayan hill tribes are displayed.

Natural History specimens include South Indian Timbers,
Fibres, Swan, Bear, Lizard and Snakes. Wood fossils and Ammonite fossils are also on display.
This Museum collection represents history, culture, flora
and fauna of the district. Imparting knowledge to researchers, students and public through popular lectures, exhibitions
and training programmes form part of educational activities.



Anonymous said...

Hello fellow folks:
If my memory serves me right, b4 forty years, the Museum was the home to a Brahmin family. Their children(a boy & girl)went to US and perhaps have settled there. But that Family Head was a very angry person and always worked on his typewriter. The top floor of the house was occupied by a Sandoz Sales Representative.
Those lovely days!

Jean-Claude said...

Thanks a lot for the information!

You can share all your good memories here and in Cuddalore Online group